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Why Stay Home?

Max, my over-the-top border collie was a sweetie at home, in playgroups, dog parks, and visiting friends. Leashed, he was a nightmare. Max finally outgrew his separation anxiety, but for two years would shred my house when we were away. He simply did not do well in a kennel environment. Similar to many of his breed, he was too smart for his own good and needed intense playtime & attention. Frankly, he needed a sheep, but we did what we could.

More reasons for in-home care:

Multiple pets—in-home care is cost-effective.

Individual attention—it’s all about your pets when we visit, unlike kennels where extra attention is an add-on. We don’t combine other families’ pets on your walks or playgroups.

Weight of pet— your dog may exceed a facility’s weight limits, especially in regards to bathing your pet. Boarding facilities may not have the physical space to accommodate your Newfie or Dane.

Senior care — an elderly pet will feel safer and be more comfortable in familiar surroundings and will receive personal attention when something appears amiss.

Car travel— if your dog doesn’t enjoy car rides or becomes ill, boarding is not your best option.

Social skills—some dogs just don’t do well with other pooches. I’ve assisted in adopting out many terrific “only dogs” to wonderful owners.

Is your dog a cool dog?

Ability to play— check your local doggie daycare carefully; some don't permit dogs to run. Although I've tried to understand the reasoning, I strongly disagree. Other centers allow smaller playgroups with excellent exercise opportunities. With in-home care, your dog will be provided a jogging partner, ball or Frisbee player, rope-tugger, pool-filler, or other activity you desire.